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June 10, 2004
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Artificial Evolution by pete-aeiko Artificial Evolution by pete-aeiko
Artificial Evolution is a classic topic of artificial life.

I am interested in understanding the principles of biological evolution; in the spirit of the synthetic methodology, the understanding of biological phonomena can be greatly enhanced by trying to mimic or model aspects of the biological system..

Evolution has worked pretty well for biological systems, so why not apply it to the systems that control robots?

Evolutionary computing has been tapped to produce coherent robot behavior in simulation, and real robots have been used to evolve simple behavior like moving toward light sources and avoiding objects. As technology advances who knows what we will see...maybe this image is a reference to the future...complete artificial life....a life that has evolved.

In a collaboration with `pixelcatalyst this is what we present, concepts surrounding this truly is fasinating, who knows what the future holds. Im pleased how it turned out, damn that crazy 2d took me a while...I guess you could say this piece was to celebrate 100k pageviews, it was also released in the latest depthcore pack 'evolution'..

Oh and yes i know this has been ripped 100's of times, and people keep claiming it as theirs or a 'render' but no..pixelcatalyst is the main creator of the model and i did the other work. If you see it elsewhere just note me or pixelcatalyst, cheers..

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Artificial Evolution by =wirestyle and `pixelcatalyst is just technically masterful, and will be a great addition to your desktop. ( Suggested by monkeymagico and Featured by VSConcepts )
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man that robot/cyborg is getting tentacle raped like crazy.
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IVTSIVTP Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hi Pete...
Your work is awesome, I especially love the black and white work you do. I hope you do not mind I have used this one on my portfolio website to illustrate a one of my blog postings on Religion-vs-Science. Both you and Deviant Art were received full credit for the creation and distribution of the original art work.
Please visit when you have a moment.


Thank You,
Kisissa Elolam Selassie
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